Mermaid Iced Sugar Cookies

Here at Dream Blue we love all things mermaid! Our Instagram newsfeeds and Pinterest boards are bursting full of mermaid tails and mermaid themed parties and treats. We were so inspired by the beautifully decorated sugar cookies we saw, we thought we’d give it a go!

For the recipe, we followed one by Sally’s Baking Addiction - with clear instructions and yummy results!

Decorating tip: separate your icing into different bowls and tint each with various colours to match your favourite Dream Blue Mermaid Tails.

We used cookie cutters shaped as mermaid tails, mermaids, shells and seahorses but there are so many more you can try! Add in a few starfish, fish or dolphins if you'd like to expand your underwater theme.

It's a great activity to do with your kids - they will enjoy helping mix the ingredients and cutting the dough into fun shapes.

We found we couldn't resist having a few 'tester' cookies once they came out of the oven - quality control, of course!

There are so many different ways to decorate your sugar cookies! Let your kids decorate them in sprinkles or edible glitter and they will have the best time!

These cookies are a perfect treat for a mermaid or underwater themed party and will be sure to impress the kids.

Have a try yourself and tag us in your photos with your favourite Dream Blue Mermaid Tail and matching sugar cookies!


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