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Mermaid Myths: Why They Still Persist

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

The myth of the mermaid has been around for thousands for years. This magical creature has managed to survive centuries in the collective imagination of humanity, but how? What is it about the mermaid myth that is so persistent?

Perhaps it’s due to our natural curiosity and wonder as we stare out into the deep oceans. Either way, mermaid sightings have happened for hundreds of years but we still don’t have any proof! Could these creatures that defy biology and imagination really exist?

Evolution still happens (and possibly in weird ways!)

Carl Sagan, a known astrophysicist, once said: “Man is a transitional animal. He is not the climax of creation.”

In other words, we’re still evolving – and, likely, other animals are too. It’s a very slow process which may take millions of years to create significant changes. Perhaps mermaids have undergone a different evolutionary process. It may be possible that humans and mermaids share a common ancestor, but have developed in different ways due to our different environments on land and in the sea! And if mermaids are real, then they might still be evolving!

We’ve only explored five percent of the ocean

There’s so much about our planet Earth that we have yet to understand. Did you know that we’ve only explored about five percent of the ocean? That means that ninety-five percent of it is still unknown! That leaves room for millions of possibilities, including most aquatic species that have yet to be discovered. It’s an intriguing possibility that there may be weird sea creatures out there that we have yet to uncover!

Why do we still believe (or want to believe) in mermaid myths?

Is it really possible for mermaids to exist? Well, the only way to know for sure is to search the entire ocean and identify all the unknown creatures we’ve yet to meet! Maybe we might find a few that resemble mermaids.

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