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Mermaid Tails & Why They’re So Popular!

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Mermaids have held an important place in the hearts of children for many years! They’re a staple in popular films, such as The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan. Many children dream of becoming a mermaid and play in the water pretending that they have a tail! Today, it’s possible for that childhood fantasy to become real with our Dream Blue Mermaid Tails!

What is a Mermaid Tail?

Dream Blue’s Mermaid Tails are exactly what they sound like! Made of lightweight and flexible material, the tail allows any swimmer to pull it on and swim like a real mermaid. At Dream Blue, our Mermaid Tails come in two separate pieces – the Tail, which is the outer material that covers the legs and feet, and the Fin, a wearable insert that fans out the end of the tail and gives more power to each kick to allow for much easier swimming!

Why are they so popular?

So many people love mermaids, especially children. Being able to slip into a Mermaid Tail and swim with ease is a fantasy that is shared by many – and now, that fantasy can finally be fulfilled! Dream Blue has made it easier than ever for every child to have access to their very own Mermaid Tail, and is Australia’s first Mermaid Tail business.

Dream Blue offers a huge selection of mermaid tails in different styles and colours, as well as matching bikini sets! Find your very own Mermaid Tail today.



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