How The Tails Work

What are the mermaid tails?

At Dream Blue, our Mermaid Tails are comprised of two parts: the Mermaid Tail and the Monofin.


The Monofin acts as a flipper, giving structure to the ‘fin’ of the Mermaid Tail and providing more power to your kicks so that you can glide easily through the water – just like a real mermaid! Made of a durable wetsuit material, the Monofin is one-size-fits-all and has been used by customers of all ages, from young children to adults.


The Mermaid Tail is made to go over your legs and the monofin in order to complete your mermaid look! Made of lightweight swimming material, the Mermaid Tails come in a range of designs and sizes – but every single one fits the same monofin! This means that after your initial purchase of a monofin, return customers need only to purchase a new Mermaid Tail in order to update or change their mermaid look.


How do I use the mermaid tails?

In order to use the mermaid tails properly, we recommend that you put on the Mermaid Tail first! Once the tail is fit comfortably over your legs and hips, poke your feet through the hole at the ‘fin’ end of the tail. Then, put on the monofin, pushing your feet through the ankle holes. These can be a little tight for the first few uses as the material stretches, so you may need a parent’s help! Once your feet are inside the monofin, pull the edges of the ‘fin’ of the mermaid tail up and around the monofin until it is completely enclosed.


There – now you look like a real mermaid!

How do I swim in them?

The best way to swim in the Mermaid Tail and Monofin is with the dolphin kick – the same one used in the ‘butterfly’ swimming stroke! Using cupped hands to pull through the water as you dolphin-kick is another technique that allows you to swim faster and change direction more quickly!

Need more help?

Here’s a video which demonstrates how to wear & swim in the Mermaid Tail and Monofin: