At Dream Blue, the safety and welfare of our customers is a priority. Our Mermaid Tails and Monofins are designed to be safe, light-weight and flexible in comparison to similar products on the market. Their one of a kind design is completely unique to Dream Blue and aims to deliver a fun, exciting and safe experience. 

However, the nature of the product as an aquatic toy does have important implications for safety! It is highly recommended that those interested in the Mermaid Tails and Monofins read and carefully consider the following safety information, and that all users adhere to our suggested safe practices. Although the information provided is predominantly based on our child users, we also advise our adult customers to apply the appropriate safety practices relevant to themselves and their level of swimming ability.

Wearing our Mermaid Tails obviously restricts free movement of the legs and, as a result, the user’s swimming ability is reduced. To effectively use our Monofin, the swimmer must perform ‘dolphin’ or ‘butterfly’-style kicking. This kicking style engages abdominal, hip, lower back and leg muscles – so children, or weaker swimmers, may find this activity quickly tires them.

It is our opinion at Dream Blue, that swimmers aged 5 years old or younger are not fully capable of the necessary skill or strength, and should not use our Mermaid Tail and Monofin. For swimmers between the ages of 5 and 7 years old, considerable caution is advised. We emphasise all parents must use their best judgement to decide if their child is ready for one of our Mermaid Tails and Monofins.

Study has recommended that mermaid tail products are appropriate for children who are proficient at all of the following:

  • Swimming 50m freestyle

  • Floating on their front & back

  • Sculling on their back

  • Treading water

The Mermaid Tails and Monofins are classified as aquatic toys – and as such, safety precautions are necessary, playing in and around the water. Children should be directly and actively supervised by a responsible adult at all times while wearing the product. Mermaid Tail and Monofin products should only be used in controlled environments such as home swimming pools to minimise the risks posed by external elements such as waves or riptides found in open waters. 

Life saver in pool

Swimming and floatation aids such as kick boards and pool noodles are a great way to provide support for a child first using their Mermaid Tail until they build up their confidence!

Safe Practices Guide

Check the child can competently:

  • swim 50m freestyle

  • float on their front & back

  • scull on their back

  • tread water

without the mermaid tail & monofin​

Have the child put on the tail near the pool, to minimise their walking in the tail - as it is hard to balance properly & will also damage the tail

Have the child practice swimming with the mermaid tail & monfin in the water with an adult until they feel capable & confident. Have them practice floating & maneouvering into an upright position

Make sure the child understands how to take off the monofin by lifting their feet out of the quick release foot holes

Have them demonstrate they can independently release their feet & move to a safe position - eg. the pool side, ladder or shallows

Ensure there is always a responsible adult actively supervising a child wearing the mermaid tail & monofin

Look out for any signs that the child may be tiring or struggling. Insist that the child takes regular rest periods from using the mermaid tail & monofin

Only use the mermaid tail & monofin in controlled environments, like pools, to reduce risks