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Mermaid Myths & Legends

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

The myth of the mermaid has been around for centuries! People are attracted to these magical creatures because of their mystery and beauty, as well as the amazing stories that surround these incredible mythical creatures.

Here at Dream Blue, we love the myth of the mermaid – which is why we’ve worked so hard to bring Mermaid Tails to every child that dreams of becoming a mermaid! We’ve collected just a few of the most interesting mermaid myths and legends.

1. Mermaids have superpowers!

Many myths and legends describe the powers of a mermaid! These include magical abilities such as telepathy, immortality, hypnosis, and seeing into the future.

2. Aquamarine is made from mermaid tears.

Also known as the March birthstone, aquamarine is a beautiful blue gemstone. Supposedly, it’s crafted from the tears of a mermaid and gives the wearer powerful abilities of foresight!

3. Oannes was a merman!

Oannes was a Babylonian god – and might just be the very first merman! He had the top half of a man and the lower half of a fish.

4. Humans descended from mermaids.

Some people believe that mermaids are our ancestors! The Babylonians believed that Oannes, mentioned above, taught humans everything they need to know about how to behave.

5. There are different types of mermaids.

Many different cultures and histories have their own versions of mermaids, each with different powers, abilities, and appearances! Some even live in rivers or lakes as opposed to the sea.

Children of every age can bring their very own mermaid legends to life with a Mermaid Tail from Dream Blue. They’re the perfect gift idea! Help your children live a legendary life with a Dream Blue Mermaid Tail, available now.



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