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3 Occasions to Flaunt Your Mermaid Tail

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Let’s be honest – who wouldn’t want to be a mermaid? Many people love mermaids and would jump at the opportunity to replicate their stress-free beach lifestyle and natural, mystical beauty! You could take long naps in a warm bath, parade your shiny mermaid tail and fins, and make the most of your unlimited access to every awesome beach!

While turning into a mermaid overnight isn’t exactly an option, Dream Blue offers the chance to become a mermaid in an instant with our Mermaid Tails and matching bikini sets! Here are three special occasions that would be perfect to flaunt your new Mermaid Tail!

1. A Glamorous Day at the Beach

A beach day is the perfect occasion to showcase your new Mermaid Tail! These must-have pieces also cover the skin from harmful UV rays to protect against sun damage.

2. Professional Photoshoots

When it comes to immortalising yourself in your Dream Blue Mermaid Tail, a professional photoshoot is the way to go! Be inspired by the mysterious depths of the ocean, the golden, silky sands, or the amazing coastline views. A beautifully crafted mermaid costume is the perfect accessory to make your professional photoshoot mer-mazing!

3. Pool Parties

Mermaid Tails can be worn with great pride at a pool party, particularly if there are some water games involved! Adults can relax by the pool and supervise as kids get involved in mermaid-themed activities and games!

Check out the amazing Dream Blue Mermaid Tails and matching bikini sets today.



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