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5 Fin-Tastic Mermaid Games for Parties

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Dreaming of your own mermaid-themed kids party? Well, here at Dream Blue, we’ve got you covered! You’ll definitely need one of our Dream Blue Mermaid Tails for kids – and we’ve also found some great game selections to get the party started.

1. Mermaids & Seahorses

Divide the children into two equal teams called Seahorses and Mermaids. Pair each kid with a member of the opposite team and then appoint a caller (perhaps an older sibling or supervising adult)! If the caller yells “seahorse!”, the seahorses should swim clockwise around their mermaid partners and return to their original spot. If the caller yells “mermaid!”, the mermaids do the same! The last person to swim back into their position drops out of the game with their partner until one mermaid and one seahorse pair remain, who then compete against each other to find the winner!

2. Mermaid Treasure Hunt

For this game, each kid should have their own mermaid tail and fin! The idea of the game is to scatter knick-knacks into and around the pool so that the kids can try to scoop out as many as they can in a single dive. You can use colourful necklaces, shells, and other mermaid-themed items!

For more advanced mermaids (older kids and strong swimmers), you can use the entire pool! For younger swimmers, scatter a few trinkets at the shallow end and around the edges of the pool. Remember, a responsible adult should always be supervising when there are children in a pool!

3. Look Out for Sharks!

Find different coloured mermaid tails for the kids to swim in and then divide the group into two – Mermaids and Sharks! Assign the mermaids to one side of the pool, with the sharks swimming in the middle. When the caller starts the game, the mermaids have to swim to the other side of the pool without being tagged by one of the sharks. When a mermaid is tagged by a shark, they become a shark and join in to try and stop the other mermaids from their goal! The last mermaid to swim free of the sharks wins the game.

4. Musical Mermaid Islands

This game is similar to musical chairs but played with inflatable pool toys in the water! Each child should have their own mermaid tail and fin as well as inflatable pool toys for every child except one. While the music is playing, the mermaids swim around the pool. When it stops, the mermaids swim to the island closest to them and climb on board the pool toys! The player left in the water drops out of the game. Remove one island and continue until one player remains.

5. Mermaid Races

Each child should have their own mermaid tails, with the group divided into two teams that are as equally matched as possible. Make two lines for a hula hoop relay, with one line on each side of the pool. An adult at the centre of the pool holds out hula hoops on either side. A player on each team swims forward when the adult calls to swim through the hoops, flip around and swim back through the hoop to tag the next player. The first team to complete the race wins!



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