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Four Reasons Why a Mermaid Tail is Perfect for Kids

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Swimmable mermaid tails for children can be seen as a novelty gift by many parents, but there are a ton of great reasons why these gifts are perfect for your child! These affordable, colourful and unique gifts could be the perfect item that you’ve been searching for to give your child for their next birthday or holiday present!

1. It inspires imagination.

These days, it’s all too easy for children to lose themselves in video games, YouTube videos, or other electronic media. While these things can be fun, it’s also important for children to have ways to express and play with their own creativity and imagination. With one of Dream Blue’s realistic Mermaid Tails for kids, children can spend hours playing at being mermaids and creating their own unique and imaginative play-worlds.

2. It encourages physical play.

It’s no secret that many parents struggle with providing their kids with adequate exercise! Balancing school, homework, and sedentary hobbies can mean that children miss out on much-needed physical activity. At Dream Blue, our Mermaid Tails are not only fun and beautiful – they’re made to swim in! This encourages lots of healthy physical activity while your children play, ensuring that they can get in plenty of exercise while they enjoy their unique new toy.

3. It encourages group play.

Children love playing together in their Dream Blue Mermaid Tails. By combining their imaginations to create rich play-worlds, children use teamwork and build communication skills as they create and act out fun stories together. This is also a great way for your kids to build their friendships with other children! So while these toys can definitely be used alone for loads of fun, they are great for group play as well.

4. They’re surprisingly affordable.

Many realistic and fully useable mermaid tails are expensive and difficult to afford – some can even cost thousands of dollars! But at Dream Blue, we believe that all children deserve their own Mermaid Tail – which is why we provide our Tails at prices that are surprisingly kind to your wallet.

These are just a few reasons why Dream Blue’s Mermaid Tails are a fun, unique, and healthy gift for your child. Help your child embrace their imagination by gifting them one today!



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