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Throwing a Mermaid Party

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Are you contemplating throwing your child a mermaid-themed birthday party? It’s a great idea that is sure to excite your child and make cherished memories! Here’s some tips we’ve gathered to make sure your mermaid-themed party makes a huge splash!

1. Have a look at Pinterest to spark your imagination

Whether you’re a creative person or not, Pinterest is your first starting point! Whether you replicate the ideas or they inspire your own – start a board with a few categories such as decorations, food and activities. If you need a good starting point, you can find our collection of ideas for mermaid parties on our Dream Blue Pinterest account – DreamBlueMermaid.

2. Decide on a colour scheme

The key to any great party is a colour scheme! Pick 2-3 colours to feature throughout all your decorations! Blues, greens, purples and silvers are traditional mermaid colours, but also consider your child’s favourite colour to help make it special to them. A good practice may be to find a decoration – table centre piece, mermaid or underwater themed plate, and base your colour scheme around that!

3. Have some mermaid-themed food

Food brings everyone together, both children and their parents! Make sure you have a few novelty snacks or dishes that excite the children and help consistently showcase the mermaid theme. They don’t have to be fancy or elaborate creations, but even some basic food labels with a mermaid theme will be enjoyed by all! For example:

  • Use a cookie cutter to cut sandwiches into stars and label them ‘starfish’

  • Label some lolly snakes as ‘worm fish bait’

  • Put fruit on kebab skewers and label them ‘seaweed’

  • Have some little pigs in blankets and label them ‘sea snails’

4. Have some mermaid-themed games

Organised games are a great way to get children involved and playing together at parties. Come up with some new games or take a twist on the classics: pin the tail on the donkey becomes pin the tail on the mermaid, duck-duck-goose becomes fish-fish-shark, donuts on a string become children being fish trying to eat all the fisherman’s bait first etc. Of course, no mermaid party is complete without some pool games though! Have a few mermaid races, time how fast kids can collect sinking pool toys or have some hoola-hoops that kids must dive through.

5. Make sure to get some great photos

Any kids party is a special event and themed parties make a great memory to look back on. Make sure you take some great photos of your child and your decorations to remember the special day!

Of course, no mermaid party is complete without mermaid tails – so purchase your child one from Dream Blue! While the birthday kid may have one to themselves, consider purchasing a couple extra for guests to share for games etc, for those who don’t have their own.



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