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Fun In The Sun with Mermaid Tails for Kids

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Create more fun for your children when they’re playing in the swimming pool this summer with Dream Blue Mermaid Tails!

Children love pretending to be mermaids in the pool, and you can help their fairy-tale dream come to life. We know you’ll love the look on your child’s face as their dreams become reality and they play in their mermaid tail for the first time!

To give your child the gift of an amazing experience as a real-life mermaid, our swimmable Mermaid Tails at Dream Blue come in a variety of colours that can complement every child’s dream! We also have a range of mermaid bikini sets to match our tails, so that your child can bring her dream of being a mermaid wherever she goes. All of our products are beautifully designed and made to last.

Purchasing a Dream Blue Mermaid Tail is quick and convenient through our website! We deliver worldwide so that you can gift your child a mermaid dream from anywhere in the world.



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