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Kid’s Mermaid Tails Make Fantasy a Reality

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Has your child always dreamed of becoming a real-life mermaid? This unique gift can make those dreams come true! Our Dream Blue Mermaid Tails create an instant transformation from fantasy to reality that every little swimmer will love. Our mermaid tails are designed for easy use in the water, to dazzle and delight not only your little mermaid but also those in the water with them! A Dream Blue Mermaid Tail is a gift that will continue to amuse and delight the little mermaid in your life for many seasons to come.

Our Mermaid Tails help you bring to life the dreams of your child. A beautifully designed Mermaid Tail and Fin fully transforms the wearer into a real-life mermaid in the water, and are both gorgeous and hard-wearing. There are also matching bikini sets so that your little mermaid can wear her scales wherever she goes!

At Dream Blue, our Mermaid Tails aren’t just for show. They’ve been designed with ease of use and flexibility in mind so that the wearer can swim through the water with ease. So, don’t just give your child some dolls and toys that emulate the mermaid lifestyle – allow them to transform with one of our Dream Blue Mermaid Tails! Playtime has never been this fun.

Customisable in colours and sizes for almost every child, your little mermaid will be flipping her fins under the water for hours to come.



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