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This Mermaid Anatomy Will Make You Think

Updated: May 18, 2023

We all know that mermaids are half-human and half-fish. But what if we took that assumption a step further? What would a mermaid really look like?

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the possibilities that most of us have never thought of! You’ll be able to draw your own conclusions and make up your own theories as you read along. Let’s start!

A Mermaid’s Upper Body Might Not Look Like Ours

Have you ever noticed that when you immerse yourself for too long in the water, whether it’s the ocean or a warm bath, your skin starts to wrinkle? This is because we’re not really designed to stay in the water for long periods of time – we’re creatures of the land! But real mermaids are likely to spend most of their time underwater, which means that their skin would have to be able to tolerate an environment with high salt concentrations!

This is why a real mermaid’s upper body might not resemble our own. Their skin might have a totally different appearance and texture!

A Mermaid’s Nose Would Be Useless In Water

Mammals and other land creatures use their noses for both smelling and respiration. We take in the air and extract oxygen for our regular living and metabolism. The nose is essential to our survival.

This could be different for mermaids because they might breathe differently underwater! Mermaids might be using gills, or something that resembles gills, in order to breathe underwater. If they do have a nose, they might use it only for respiration while above water! They’d probably use it to take in as much oxygen as possible, or just enjoy the smell of nearby land.

Mermaid Tails Would Be Beautiful and Glamorous

Mermaids are always thought of as beautiful! One of the things that makes them so uniquely fun and gorgeous are their beautiful tails. After all, it takes up half of their body! Its design and colour has a huge effect on the mermaid’s overall appearance.

But what would make the mermaid tails so pretty? Maybe it would be a sign of ranking among the mermaids or to designate mermaid royalty! The mermaids’ beautiful tails might also reflect their personalities – the kinder they are, the more beautiful their tails!

Kids and Adults Want To Be Mermaids

Mermaids continue to make us curious and excited. Both kids (and adults!) wonder what it would be like to look and swim like a real mermaid.

Here at Dream Blue, we can fulfil that fantasy! Kids love wearing our Mermaid Tails during their birthdays, pool parties, and other celebrations! Don’t forget, we have Mermaid Tails for teens and adults too – so everyone can experience the magic of becoming a beautiful sea creature!

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