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Mermaid Hair Trends

Dream Blue has got you covered for Mermaid tails and swimwear, but what kind of hairstyles do mermaids wear? We take a good look at some different hair options for you to try out!

1. Beach waves

The easiest mermaid look by far is the simple beach waves. Mermaids are known for loving their long beautiful hair, and spending all day in the water they have a natural, carefree vibe. To achieve this look, curl your hair in big sections to create loose, gentle curls.

2. Coloured clip-ins

Mermaids like to be fashionable and fantastical, and what says that more than coloured hair! Use a few coloured clip–ins spaced around your hair to add some fun and glamour to your own mermaid look. Make sure you use colours that complements your tail colour!

3. Braided extensions

Whilst the typical mermaid has long hair, not all of us have quite so long locks! Add some length and excitement to your own hair with hair extensions. Either natural or coloured, they can be simply braided into your hair to help replicate the mermaid style.

4. Mermaid tiara

What mermaid doesn’t also want to be a princess? Make your costume extra special by adding a crown or tiara. You can go with a basic style or find more mermaid/underwater themed ones online! Starfish and seashells look beautiful incorporated into a regal design.

5. Mermaid hair accessories

Mermaids like to collect pretty things to wear in their hair – shells, starfish, pearls, jewels and sometimes even tasteful seaweed or fishing nets! Accessorise your own hair with shiny and sparkly headbands, hair clip and hair glitter that have a mermaid feel! If you can’t find any hair accessories you like, make your own!

For some mermaid hairstyle and hair accessory inspiration, check out our Dream Blue Instagram account which features a few easily replicated looks!



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