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How to Make Mermaid Headbands (Dream Blue Tutorial) - Mermaid Arts and Crafts for Kids

Image of mermaid headbands with starfish, shells, beads, rhinestones. Pink headband, blue headband, green headband, purple headband, coral headband, rainbow headband.

For this amazing mermaid arts and craft project...

You need:

  • Plain headband

  • Starfish

  • Beads (various sizes), Gems, Shells, Rhinestones, etc.

  • Hot glue gun (alternatively regular glue or double sided tape)


  • Acrylic paint (to paint the shells and starfish)

  • ModPodge (to secure everything in place)

How to:

  1. (Leave out this step if you are happy with the colours of your shells and starfish). First of all, paint your shells and/or starfish with acrylic paint if you want to change their colour. If you already have a Dream Blue mermaid tail, we recommend you match the colours to your tail, so you can wear a matching mermaid tail and headband.

  2. Start by laying out your starfish, gems, rhinestones, beads and shells in a pattern that you like and think would look nice on a headband.

  3. Once you are happy with your design, glue on the starfish first using a hot glue gun (or alternative).

  4. Now fill in the remaining space on the headband with your gems, rhinestones, shells and beads.

  5. We suggest using mini beads to fill in all the tiny gaps to make the headband look extra mermaizing.

  6. Lastly, secure everything with 1-2 layers of ModPodge (we use the shimmery kind).

There you have it - your very own Dream Blue mermaid headband.

Don’t forget to send us a photo of your mermaid headband or tag us on Instagram, so we can repost it. We can’t wait to see it!

Image of a mermaid wearing a rainbow coloured mermaid tail and wearing a matching rainbow mermaid headband
Rainbow mermaid headband to match our Dream Blue rainbow mermaid tail

Image of pink mermaid headband from tutorial with two starfish, beads, gemstones
Pink Dream Blue Mermaid Headband



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