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Popularity of the Mermaid Myth

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Humanity’s fascination with the myth of the mermaid goes way beyond movies like The Little Mermaid or television shows like H2O: Just Add Water. These beautiful sea creatures have long since amazed and enthralled us – so what is it about mermaids that make them so special?

According to an article in the Huffington Post, one reason for the popularity of the mermaid myth is their historical connection to love and femininity. Mermaids inspire people for other reasons too:

  • Their mysterious nature!

  • Their stylishness and beautiful tails.

  • Their power – mermaids are queens and princesses of the sea!

  • Their stories of love and romance.

In 2015, fans celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of The Little Mermaid. People discussed their favourite scenes and debated the best song. Fashion brands even incorporated mermaid-style designs so that we could wear some awesome mermaid scales of our own!

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to high-fashion mermaid outfits or expensive silicon tails. But at Dream Blue, we believe that the fantasy of being a mermaid belongs to everyone! This is why we’ve created our very own range of beautiful mermaid tails and bikini sets that you can wear and swim in. And best of all, they come at prices that won’t hurt your wallet!

Shop Dream Blue’s range of beautiful Mermaid Tails today to allow your children to explore their imagination and create mermaid stories of their own.



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