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Mermaid Tails Encourage Kids to Get Fit

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Every week there’s a new article that details how kids are less likely to go outside and more likely to spend time indoors on various electronics. These studies often go on to say that, as a result, kids are becoming less fit and less interested in outdoor physical activity! But outdoor play is a huge part of childhood, especially as it encourages children to get an appropriate amount of physical exercise. So how do we get kids outdoors again?

Well, at Dream Blue, we believe that the best way to combat this growing trend is by making children interested in playing outdoors again with our Mermaid Tails for kids. It’s an actual swimmable accessory for the pool, the waterpark, and even the beach! Our tails for kids offer all children the opportunity to get fit while having fun and living their dreams in their life-like mermaid tails.

Children Want to Believe in Imagination

Kids want to have fun while they play and Dream Blue Mermaid Tails are the perfect way to bring their fantasies to life! Your child will have so much fun with a Mermaid Tail for the pool, as they imagine not only that they’re a real-life mermaid – but that they can actually swim like one too! Dream Blue Mermaid Tails help fuel the imagination of children so that they’ll play longer and harder, completely forgetting about their electronics inside!

Mermaid Tails are Unique

Other children might have phones, skateboards, or soccer balls – but how many of them can say they have a real mermaid tail hanging in their closet? Our Dream Blue Mermaid Tails offer children something that’s different and unique as well as being super fun to play in!

They Encourage Active Play

Swimming is an energetic but low-impact sport, which means it’s a perfect way to encourage your child to get some physical exercise! With a real, swimmable mermaid tail, they’ll soon forget that they’re exercising too, because it really feels like fun!

They’re Affordable

Most Mermaid Tails are expensive and hard to use, which means that not every kid gets to enjoy them. But at Dream Blue, we believe that every child deserves their very own Mermaid Tail – which is why we offer them at prices that won’t hurt your wallet! Our long-lasting and hard-wearing Mermaid Tails are designed to survive Australian summers for many seasons, so that your child can get the most out of their active imagination. 



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