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Our Little Mermaid Causes a Splash in Hawaii

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Girl on holiday wearing Dream Blue mermaid swimwear

In our recent post, we spoke about escaping the winter blues and getting out to enjoy some of Australia’s warmer spots! Well, at Dream Blue, we decided to take it one step further – off to Hawaii and its guaranteed sunshine!

Travelling overseas is often a great way for us at Dream Blue to cross two things off our list at once: we get to have a holiday and do some market research! Not only do the kids get to enjoy some swimming in our Dream Blue Mermaid Tails, but we can also see what type of reaction they get from other kids! After all, who wouldn’t want to be a mermaid for the day?

After a few hours of swimming in their mermaid tails and enjoying the Hawaiian sunshine, we noticed a small crowd of other tourists gathering to watch the mermaids in the water! Our Dream Blue Mermaid Tails caused quite the spectacle as onlookers watched and even took photos (with our permission, of course)! They were in total awe of the sea-worthy mermaid tails, which were a fun and exciting novelty they’d never seen before.

It was great to see the girls get their fifteen minutes of fame as they showed off their Dream Blue Mermaid Tails! It was also wonderful to watch other people react with wonder and awe to our mermaids as they swam beautifully in the water.



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