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From Fantasy into Reality

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

A common idea in kid’s movies is that the main character goes on an exciting adventure. Your kids can also experience that movie-magic by wearing swimmable mermaid tails as they swim in an adventure of their own!

Becoming a mermaid with a Dream Blue Mermaid Tail is fun and unique. When your child looks back at photos of their birthday parties, they’ll be delighted and excited by the memories of swimming around in their very own Mermaid Tail! Year after year, these photos will stand out among the rest.

Kids Love Mermaids!

Imagine your child’s smile as they realise they can finally become a mermaid! They’ll be so excited to celebrate their magical transformation when you gift them a Dream Blue Mermaid Tail for their birthday!

Friends and neighbours will also be delighted when you introduce the unique and active fun of a Mermaid Tail! Start a new trend in your very own neighbourhood by purchasing one today.

They’re the only costume that works in water!

Most costumes only work on land. Superheroes, witches, villains – kids and adults can’t wear these in the water!

Most mermaid costumes are the same – but not at Dream Blue! We’ve designed our Mermaid Tails for use in the water, so that your child can truly enjoy the power of their very own Mermaid Tail as they swim and play in the pool. It’s only possible while wearing a Dream Blue Mermaid Tail!

If you want your child to experience this fantasy and become the life of the party, you can buy Australian-made Mermaid Tails from Dream Blue.



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