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Mermaid Tails: The Perfect Choice for Creative Play

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Have you ever noticed what happens when kids play together? They disappear into a world of their own with unique characters, rules, and games. They create elaborate stories and delve in to explore the worlds they’ve created with their imagination. Kids easily and often dive into this form of high creativity, which even adults can sometimes find difficult to access!

Many parents see this quality and want to foster creative play for their children as much as possible – but they simply don’t know how. At Dream Blue, we have the perfect solution to encourage innovate play: real, swimmable Mermaid Tails!

With their Mermaid Tail packed for a day of swimming, kids will be so excited to play and hone their creative skills – all while having fun and getting exercise! It’s the perfect summer accessory to encourage outdoor and creative play.

Mermaids are mythical creatures that live in the sea, so they bring kids into the creative realm with ease! By wearing their very own Dream Blue Mermaid Tail, children will be encouraged to enter a new level of creativity and imagination as they swim and play!

By equipping kids for creative play with Mermaid Tails, parents can give their children the tools they’ll need to build skills for their future. Being creative in their younger years stimulates cognitive development and encourages physical exercise too!

Mermaid Tails transport children into another world where they can invent, learn and grow. Give your child a window into the world of their imagination with their very own Dream Blue Mermaid Tail!



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