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What First Comes to Mind When You Hear the Word Mermaid?

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Beauty, ocean, singing, swimming, tails, and freedom – these are just some of the words that come to mind! Mermaids have always captured our attention for these reasons: we just love the associations that come with the powerful singing sea creature!

Mermaids Symbolise Freedom

Tails allow the mermaid to swim smoothly and be propelled through the water, so it’s no wonder that we associate the mermaid with her underwater speed and grace! Seeing “trained mermaids” in action is amazing – sometimes, we even feel envious of their amazing grace in the water. We often wonder, what does it feel like to be a real mermaid?

Unsurprisingly, kids share this fantasy! They would love to have that freedom and grace which comes naturally to mermaids. Imagine their delight when you gift them a Dream Blue Mermaid Tail and they’re able to bring their dreams to life!

Mermaids Are About Adventure

Mermaid stories are timeless because they deal with themes of adventure and exploration. Often, mermaid stories are about a young girl who wonders what the world is like beyond the bounds of her normal, everyday life. That kind of story resonates with us!

Our natural curiosity drives us to go explore and get into adventures. It’s important to encourage this trait in kids, as they still believe that anything is possible and have an endless capacity for curiosity! They love to go on adventures and play games – and most of all, when they’re in the water, they love to pretend to be a mermaid!

Make Their Mermaid Dreams Come True

If you want to bring your child’s dream to life, you can gift them a Dream Blue Mermaid Tail today! Our Mermaid Tails are the only costume that can actually be used in the water, and they’re built to last so that you can be sure of many mermaid-filled summers to come!

Search our catalogue or contact us today and let’s make your child’s fantasy a reality!



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