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Where Do Mermaids Come From?

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

It seems that every land creature has their counterpart in the sea – from sea cows, seahorses, sea lions, and more! But what about us? Do humans have an oceanic counterpart? Yes, we do – the mermaid!

Mermaids have existed in the imaginations of humanity for thousands of years. For centuries, mermaids were thought to have been spotted all over the world. From Israel, Japan, and the Netherlands – stories about mermaids have been circulating for thousands of years. Some even think that the myth of the mermaid has existed since the Stone Age!

Why do mermaids capture the human imagination?

Humans find the mythical mermaid fascinating – and it’s not hard to see why! With half-human and half-fish attributes, the mermaid was able to go beyond human abilities and boundaries. In early human history, the seas were hard to conquer especially as navigation was made impossible once you lost sight of land! Eventually, humans built boats and other tools to travel through rivers and seas – but we never lost our respect and wonder of the sea! It’s no surprise that we continue to ask ourselves: what if there were other human-like creatures that lived underwater?

These famous myths and legends of the mermaid originate from their unusual ‘sightings’! Seafarers and explorers claimed to have seen mermaids during their travels, and described these oceanic creatures to rapt audiences. And, well, it’s not totally impossible! The ocean is immense – in fact, it’s so huge that up to 66% of underwater species haven’t even been discovered yet! This could mean that there are thousands of aquatic species waiting to be revealed – and one of them could be real mermaids!

What if you could turn into a mermaid?

Whether mermaids are real or not, both kids and adults share a fantasy of becoming this magical sea creature.

Kids love to play pretend-mermaids in the water, whether they’re in the ocean or even just a swimming pool! In their mind, they’re playing through the possibility that once they enter the water, they undergo a magical transformation and become a real mermaid with a beautiful tail that allows them to swim through the vastness and depth of the sea.

Adults may even share this curiosity! Being a mermaid is an amazing thing to experience. The appearance and experience of swimming gracefully through the water, just like a real mermaid, might become one of the most fun and unforgettable experiences of your life!

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