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Mermaid Tails in Australia

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Mermaids never fail to amaze and entertain both adults and children alike! But where can you find beautiful, unique, and high-quality Mermaid Tails in Australia?

The answer is Dream Blue! We offer an entire range of beautifully designed and durable Mermaid Tails that can entertain your children for years to come. Our products are Australian-made, so you’ll also be supporting local businesses with your purchase!

Currently, Dream Blue is the only Australian business producing Mermaid Tails. As pioneers of the industry, we’re setting a high standard by offering gorgeous, unique products that are also affordable and locally-made.

Our Mermaid Tails and matching bikini sets are designed for use by children, teens and adults! So no matter your age, you can bring your mermaid dreams to life.



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